HotShuffle Leather Belt Guide

Leather belts are often very confusing and you quite often find you can be tricked in shops or online in to buying products advertised as 'real leather' which are nothing like what a 'real leather' belt should be, here is our guide to some of the leather terminology.

Bonded Leather Belts
A bonded leather belt is made from lots of smaller straps of leather that are bonded/glued together to form one strong belt strap, they are usually finished with a PU/man made upper to give it a shine.

Leather Lined Belts
Leather lined belts are strap of leather on the back with a man made filler usually in the middle and a PU upper to give colouring and shine.

Coated Leather Belts
Coated leather belts tend to be a lot stronger, it is a full leather strap but with the thinnest of coatings on the top and sometimes the back to give it that shine.  These belts generally last a lot longer than bonded/leather lined belts.

Full Grain Hide Leather Belts
These are really the best belts you can get, one thick strong strap of leather, made to last, most of the time these belts will get better with age as the leather softens.  Full grain hide leather belts are made to last many years.