The Nutella Christmas Tree Recipe
This is so easy to make yet looks fantastic and is brilliant for sharing round at Christmas parties!

 - 1 block of puff pastry (approx 500g)
- 4 to 6 TBSP (more if you love the stuff) of Nutella (any chocolate spread will do)
 - 1 egg (beaten)
 - A standard size tube of Smarties

1. Preheat oven to 190deg.
2. Lay your HotShuffle Baking Mat on to a baking tray or (if you are unfortunate enough not to own a HotShuffle Baking Mat - currently £5.99 for 1 or £9.99 for 2) thoroughly grease and then line a baking tray with parchment.
3.  Roll out puff pastry in to a large rectangle then cut down the middle.
4. Place one of the rectangles on to the baking mat and lightly score the shape of a triangle (see image below) .

5. Cover the scored triangle area generously and evenly with your chocolate spread.
6. Lay your second rectangle of pastry on top and carefully slice round the triangular shape of chocolatey joy, leaving a small block in the centre at bottom which will be the base of the tree.
7. Remove the excess pastry and put to one side.
8. Lightly score (but not cut) two lines down the middle of the tree to mark out the trunk area then cut lines on each side of the trunk area, these will be the branches (see image below).

9. Starting from the bottom twist each branch by pulling lightly and twisting.  You can hopefully get 2 or 3 twists nearer the bottom and 1 or 2 twists nearer the top.
10. From the excess pastry cut a star shape and place at the top of the tree (you can cut 2 star shapes and sandwich more Nutella in between them if you are big on Nutella indulgence).
11. Brush the whole tree and star with the beaten egg mixture.
12. Sprinkle frivolously with Smarties (to look like Christmas tree lights) and bake until golden brown (around 12 - 14 minutes).  Once baked allow to cool for 5-10 minutes and slide on to a serving tray, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy, or if you are generous, make multiple cups of tea and share.

Please feel free to send us pictures of your Nutella Christmas Tree at, we love seeing your work! 

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