Belts are different to most other items of clothing you may buy.  The sizes we quote have to be correct, we measure our belts to make sure they are exact.  Some jeans/trouser manufacturers will claim a pair of jeans are a 34" waist, this unfortunately is not always accurate and does not mean you are a 34" waist.  

To ensure the correct fit of the belts you buy please try to measure your waist where possible.

The sizes quotes on this website are measured from the leading edge of the buckle to the 1st and last holes in the belt, ie 32" - 36" is 32" to the first hole and 36" to the last hole.  The total belt will measure 40" in length to allow a 4" give so the belt fits nicely and looks good through the belt loop.

Here is a video we have put together to show how our belt sizing works to help ensure you get the right belt for you: